We develop innovative ODM products for your business. We can take care of your internal R&D!

What We Do

At 33 Studio we specialize in innovative ODM product design and development. We take a data-driven approach to provide your business with new creative products for a perfect product-market fit.  

Who We Work With

We work with open innovation companies, manufacturers, and a wide range of ecommerce companies including private Amazon sellers and corporate businesses.

What We Develop

We have experience working in a wide array of consumer product spaces, from apparel and fashion accessories, consumer electronics and iOT, toys and games, fitness and sportings goods, automotive, kitchen and lifestyle accessories, and more.

What Can We Help You With

Depending on what your company needs, 33 Studio can offer complete end to end product R&D support: 

Market Research, Competitor Research, Product Lifecycle Analysis, Product Opportunity Prospecting, Product Innovation Design Concepts, 2D Designs and Sketches, 3D Surface Modeling, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, DFM File Preparation, Manufacturing Cost Projections, Functional and High Fidelity Prototypes, Packaging Design, Patent Research and Filing Support, Manufacturing Sourcing and Introductions to Suitable Manufactures. 

How To Get Started? 

Start by letting us know more about your company by contacting us for a free discovery call.

What Makes Our Studio Unique?

Data Driven Design Focus

Our studio focuses heavily on product research and market data to help guide the design process to ensure a more successful market integration for your company.

Over a Decade in Product Development

As a team we have over a decade of creating innovative ODM products in a wide range of consumer product spaces.

Extensive Manufacturing Network

Situated in SE Asia, our team has built a large network of top vetted manufacturers in many consumer product categories.

A Low Risk, Win-Win Offer

We believe in creating long term relationships with clients, which is why we offer a risk-free solution to getting started with our studio.

Get Started

Ready to get started? Connect with our team for a free disovery call.

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